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Digital Matrix Systems Adds Access To Key Data Sources

David Graves
Executive Vice President
Digital Matrix Systems

Digital Matrix Systems Inc., a credit industry pioneer and leading risk management solution provider, has further strengthened CreditServer by adding access to four new data sources and more than a dozen reports. Version 9.01 brings new risk assessment insights to financial service providers and insurances carriers looking for more effective ways to combat fraud, reduce risk and improve underwriting abilities.

CreditServer™ is a simple way to retrieve data files from all major credit bureaus and other specialized data sources using a single common request. As risk assessment becomes more critical for institutions looking for opportunities in historically underserved markets, CreditServer™ equips clients with the ability to pull in vital data to detect risk and fraud in the marketplace.

The latest version boosts accuracy with tools to help authenticate identity, spot fraud and flag ID discrepancies. It also fine-tunes credit risk assessment by providing clients in the financial services industry alternative data not found at traditional credit bureaus. For insurance carriers, CreditServer™ improves rating quality with new access to undisclosed drivers and coverage verification data.

“CreditServer™ has always been a multi-source data portal,” said David Graves, executive vice president of DMS. “The latest version offers even more unique data sources. This will allow our clients to make risk-based decision using all of the best available information.” 

About Digital Matrix Systems, Inc.
DMS is a risk management solution provider that helps clients make better informed business decisions. Backed by more than 30 years of experience, DMS offers integrated products and comprehensive consulting services, tailoring solutions based on each client’s business goals. 

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