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Anti Corruption Service Line To Meet Evolving Needs Of Canadian Businesses

Margaret Wilkinson
Head of Anti-Bribery & Corruption
CKR Global

CKR Global, Canada’s leading risk mitigation firm, has launched a line of services that meet the evolving regulatory and compliance needs of Canadian business. Dovetailing with CKR’s established investigations and risk management divisions, the CKR Corruption Risk Management team provides clients with practical, operationally achievable solutions to proactively mitigate their corruption risk.

CKR’s Corruption Risk Management practice comprises a multidisciplinary team of forensic accountants, compliance personnel, operations specialists, data experts, and investigators with practical experience in Canada and abroad. CKR’s suite of services includes mitigating measures such as compliance program design, implementation and testing, risk assessments, transactional and regulatory due diligence, board advisory, and employee training.

“The new CKR service line is ideal for Canadian companies seeking to implement best practices and comply with changing regulations,” said Margaret Wilkinson, head of Anti-Bribery & Corruption at CKR Global. “We offer a lean, responsive, and local alternative to the more cumbersome offerings from the ‘Big Four’ and other large multinationals.”

Members from CKR’s Corruption Risk Management team are regular speakers on expert panels, and will be presenting at the following upcoming events:

  • May 13, Vancouver – “Global Landscapes & Transparency”, Canadian Institute of Mining 2014 Convention with Transparency International, SNC Lavalin and RCMP
  • May 20, Toronto – “Bribery and the Bottom Line: Corruption in a Deal-Making and Investment Context”, with Bennett Jones
  • May 21, Ottawa – “Bribery and the Bottom Line: Corruption in a Deal-Making and Investment Context”, with Bennett Jones
  • June 5, Vancouver – “Tackling Corruption Risk: Practical Solutions to Operational Challenges”, MineAfrica Risk Mitigation and CSR Seminar
  • June 10, Calgary – “Tackling Corruption Risk: Practical Solutions to Operational Challenges”, Global Petroleum Show 2014

CKR Global is Canada's leading provider of risk mitigation and investigation services.  CKR provides innovative solutions that reduce client risk, minimize loss and increase human safety.  We enable our clients to enhance business performance and ensure operational continuity by providing the experts and the tools to manage all levels of risk.




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