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Next Generation of Mobile for Risk Management

Bob Morrell
Co-Founder and CEO

At Riskonnect, ‘Mobile is King.’ The leading independent risk technology provider is shaking up the RIMS 2014 Conference in Denver, Colorado with the unveiling of Riskonnect1. This newest innovation from Riskonnect promises to disrupt the market, as it is the only offering of its kind in the risk technology arena.

Put your entire RMIS in your pocket with Riskonnect1. Risk Managers and system users are accessing and fully using the Riskonnect risk management work platform from anywhere and everywhere on their smartphones and tablets with the newly released Riskonnect1 app.

Riskonnect, the independent leader in risk technology, has unveiled the next generation of mobile applications, Riskonnect1, at the RIMS 2014 Annual Conference & Exhibition in Denver, Colorado. Mobile access is a critical must-have for today’s global organizations - the ability for risk professionals and other key executives to have their finger on the pulse of the entire organization from anywhere, anytime is key. Riskonnect has always recognized the importance of mobile, and its clients have had mobile access to their RMIS for years via mobile browser and an app for its fully integrated social communication tool. With the release of Riskonnect1, innovation has reached new heights by providing the most powerful, flexible, scalable, and comprehensive mobile app for the RMIS market. Riskonnect1 is a robust app, available for iOS and Android devices, offering full system functionality.

“In my 30 years in this industry, I’ve never seen this kind of innovation, at this speed, being delivered to clients. It’s truly remarkable.”

“At Riskonnect, we are mobile first. We are mobile everything. Mobile simply works and it’s easy. With the demands placed on risk professionals - and the responsibility they have to the organization - they simply must have access to data anytime and anywhere. And, not just access to some of the data - all risk information. It’s that important,” said Roger Dunkin, VP, Applications & Platform, Riskonnect.

Bob Morrell, CEO, Riskonnect, said, “Our innovation, and our ability to always be far ahead of the curve in bringing real-world solutions to real-world risk problems, means that risk managers don’t have to wait for the answer to technology challenges. Waiting on your vendor to innovate is not acceptable. Waiting for mobile access is not acceptable. Your business partners are using mobile to manage supply chains, your customers are using mobile to complain and report incidents - now you can keep pace using Riskonnect1.”

“Riskonnect is already known for giving our clients feature-rich upgrades several times each year, and at no additional cost. But even our existing clients - who have experienced firsthand how smoothly we integrate new functionality with each upgrade - were surprised to learn that Riskonnect is giving them full mobile access to their RMIS with no additional licensing fees. The size of the organization and number of users does not matter one bit - Riskonnect1 scales at no additional cost,” said Jack Tatum, VP, Global Business Development at Riskonnect. “In my 30 years in this industry, I’ve never seen this kind of innovation, at this speed, being delivered to clients. It’s truly remarkable.”

Riskonnect focuses its innovative energy on empowering risk professionals to take their organization’s risk strategies to the next level. The release of Riskonnect1 is a huge contribution to improving the vital connection between risk departments and their organizations required to both realize their risk goals and to protect the quality of the data upon which important business decisions are based. The risk and insurance industry demands functional, easy to use and reliable mobile access to a scalable, secure, and powerful risk management work platform. Riskonnect delivers on all accounts with the release of Riskonnect1.

Riskonnect eDocs, which includes the eSignature feature, allows for easy and automatic generation of forms using system data and predefined templates, and responses can automatically update existing records within the system.
Riskonnect Claim Audit allows clients a statistically valid sampling of claims for audit based on custom criteria, and to track overall audit results while maintaining the claim audit history over time.

Riskonnect Values Collection via Sites is saving clients time and money by offering a simplified values collection solution from a link in an email, without a user ID or password to remember for infrequent users.

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